Conditions & Treatments

Dr. Jaspal Ricky Singh is a triple-board certified physician specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine and Pain Medicine. Dr. Singh specializes in a multidisciplinary approach to treat pain and individualizes his treatment plan with a focus on functional restoration. Click on the below mentioned tabs to know more about the conditions treated and treatments rendered by Dr. Singh.


Patients needing interventional pain management services suffer distress and discomfort caused by a variety of conditions and disorders, including:


Pain treatment education is a key component to Dr. Singh’s therapeutic plan. Minimally invasive procedures are a vital part of interventional pain management and can be found in this section.
On you will find an in-depth article detailing each procedure. Click the links below to learn more…

Normal Anatomy of the Spine

The spine also called the back bone is designed to give us stability, smooth movement as well as providing a corridor of protection for the delicate spinal cord.

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