Tips for Marathon Runners.

Tips for Marathon Runners

THere is energy in New York City this weekend. The TCS New York City Marathon will be held on Sunday 11/1/15.

With over 50,000 runners participating, below are a few tips on how to remain healthy and avoid injuries.

“Good Luck, runners!”

Shoes and Socks. Select the shoes–and the socks–you’ll wear in the marathon. The shoes should be relatively lightweight but provide good support, and the socks should be the type you wear in other races.

NYC has a lot of hills. If at all possible, start doing runs on the same topography as the marathon.

Drink and Drink Some More. Sports drinks and energy gels will fuel you during the race. Find out how often the marathon will have aid stations, and practice drinking at that rate.

Dress Comfortable. Run in real running clothes, and not a suffocating T-shirt.

Visualize success. Visualize yourself crossing the finish line as the clock shows a new personal best.

Stay Calm. Reduce the outside stresses in your life as much as possible the last week. “

Carb-load, don’t fat-load. Concentrate on eating carbohydrate-rich foods, such as pasta, potatoes, bread, fruit and fruit juice, low-fat milk and yogurt, low-fat treats, and sports drinks. It’s the carbs, after all, not fat or protein, that will fuel you on race day.

Eat breakfast. Two to three hours before the start, eat a carbohydrate-rich breakfast, even if that means getting up early and going back to bed.

Warm up. Do a little jogging beforehand, because you want to preserve their glycogen stores and keep your core body temperature down.

Start slow. Run the first two to three miles 10 to 15 seconds per mile slower than goal pace.

Drink early, drink often. Take sports drinks at the first aid station and every one after. Taking in carbohydrates and fluid early will help postpone or prevent serious dehydration later.


Have Fun!!

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