The Power of the Avocado

The Power of the Avocado

Did you know that avocados are actually a fruit…not a vegetable. They may in fact be the most powerful fruit out there.

The Power of the Avocado

Avocados are really fattening, but in a very good way.

  • They have more fat than any other fruit, but don’t let that deter you from eating them!
  • Avocados are full of incredibly healthy mono-unsaturated fat.
  • It’s the most amazing kind of fat because it is good for your heart.
  • Yes, you read that right. It’s full of a fat that makes your body healthy.

The Power of the Avocado

Eating avocados can regulate your blood pressure.

  • Avocados are full of magnesium and potassium, two nutrients known to help reduce blood pressure.
  • The avocado provides more magnesium than twenty other fruits, including the banana, kiwi and strawberry.

Guacamole is the healthiest and best dip ever.

  • Here’s a tip: Contrary to popular belief, adding the avocado’s pit to a bowl of guacamole is not what keeps your dip fresh and green days after making it.
  • The real trick is adding plenty of lime and lemon juice.
  • It’s the exposure to oxygen that turns your guac brown — lime and lemon juice’s acidity slows down the oxidation process.

The Power of the Avocado

There is such thing as avocado oil, and it’s said to do wonders for your body.

  • Avocado oil, or fat pressed from the fruit, is similar in form to olive oil.
  • However, when you cook with avocado oil, you could be fighting heart disease, cancer and signs of aging.
  • These types of molecules are known to destroy cell membranes, proteins and DNA. Avocado oil to the rescue!

The Power of the Avocado

Avocados are a much cheaper version of Botox.

  • That’s right, avocados are not only for eating.
  • An avocado can serve as a wonderful moisturizer, treat sunburns by preventing chafing, and it even help reduce wrinkles.

Avocados are a great source of fiber.

  • If you’re tired of eating beans to get your fiber fix, start eating some avocados.
  • There are 10 grams of fiber in a medium-sized avocado, with 75 percent of that fiber being insoluble (the one that speeds up the digesting process), and the other 25 percent being soluble (responsible for making you feel “full”)

Avocados help your body absorb the nutrients from other foods.

  • One study showed that when avocado is added to salad, the absorption of beta-carotene from carrots increased 13.6 times, and the absorption of alpha-carotene from lettuce increased 4.3 times compared to the same salad eaten without avocado.
  • The reason is because the mono-saturated fat in an avocado helps the body absorb fat-soluble carotenoid phynutrients better.

The Power of the Avocado

Dr. Ethan Rand’s

Avocado Summer Smoothie Recipe


1/2 – Hass avocado

16 oz. – Vanilla yogurt

1 cup – Milk (can use any type, including almond or soy) – can adjust amount to desired thickness

1-2 tbs – Honey – add to desired level of sweetness

The Power of the Avocado

Add ingredients to blender and enjoy!

We <3 avocados and they <3 us back...

The Power of the Avocado


  1. Thanks for this. I don’t like avocado in any form but guacamole, which I do like. Keep an eye out for other uses!

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