Don’t Skip the Gym: It Could Be as Bad as Smoking!!

How surprising is to hear that not exercising can be worse for your health than smoking?

According to a new study published at the Cleveland clinic this was in fact found to be true.


  • Current literature shows that the better your cardiorespiratory fitness (aka fitness level), the lower your risk of mortality.
  • Exercise can potentially decrease your chances of developing high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and cancer.


New Evidence

  • The study looked at 122,007 patients who underwent exercise treadmill testing and found that patients participating in regular exercise had a decrease in all-cause mortality.
  • High levels of aerobic fitness were correlated with the greatest survival.
  • They also discovered a larger benefit to older patients and those with high blood pressure.
  • Taking into account the mortality risk, they found that not exercising was comparable to and potentially even greater of a risk factor than smoking for mortality.
  • Health care professionals should continue to encourage patients to participate in regular exercise.

Not Exercising = Smoking

Not Exercising = Smoking

Don’t Have Enough Time?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention;

Physical activity guidelines

150 minutes of moderate activity weekly


75 minutes of vigorous activity weekly

In Summary

  • Regular aerobic exercise at any age can improve your mortality risk
  • Poor exercise tolerance on treadmill or exercise stress testing was found to have a worse prognosis (regarding death) than other risk factors including high blood pressure, diabetes or being a current smoker.
  • Make sure to discuss with your doctor if you are planning to starting a new exercise program

there is no limit to how much exercise is too much

“…there is no limit to how much exercise is too much.”

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