Being in Love is Good for You

Some benefits of having “love” in your life include:

Life span

  • Marriage offers the ultimate health benefit: a longer life
  • While scientists don’t know exactly how love works to shore up immunity, studies show that people in loving relationships report fewer colds and flus than those who are single
  • Married people have longer average life spans and are drastically less likely to die at an early age

Inflammation / Disease

  • Spending time with someone you love “or even thinking about them “ causes your heart to beat faster and stronger, improving your circulation
  • Rates of diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, lung disease, and other chronic ailments are all lower in people with love and relationships in their lives

Substance Use

  • Bachelors tend to lead less healthy lifestyles
  • More apt to smoke, drink too much, and indulge in other vices


  • Companionship actually tends to be good for mental health, even though we tend to complain that a significant other is “driving me crazy”
  • Marriage can also stabilize individuals with bipolar disorder

Financial Stability

  • Couples are more financially stable than their single counterparts
  • While worrying less about money certainly helps reduce stress and anxiety, financial stability also impacts health in a more concrete way, via access to health care


  • One area where relationships appears to actually harm health is the waistline
  • Both men and women in long-term relationships tend to gain weight (probably because they’ve implicitly agreed to let themselves go)

Singh Snapshot

Happy Valentine’s Day!

In general, research suggests yes. People in long term relationships tend to live longer, have improved access to health care, enjoy a more fulfilling sex life, experience less stress and anxiety, live a healthier lifestyle, and have lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, and depression compared to their single counterparts.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too Dr. Singh!
    Thank you for your research on the beneficial advantages of a long time relationship!

    • Jean de la Verrière says:

      Dr Sing……

      Well Dr Sing…… I met my wife of 53 years at a Masonic banquet…. I saw her and bang!!!
      I grabbed her…. and never her her move away from me !!!!…. Never a missing day….
      It was at we say in French A COUP DE FOUDRE !!!! I did not gave her time to blink… I bagged her up !!! and took total possession…. Now we are very close and almost one entity. ONE PERSON;
      She is from my tribe and this did help for all the communications and life taste acceptance.
      At 84 and 87 we still very close and in love !!! I insist that she does dot wear pyjamas in bed…. That way I can feel her skin and remind me the same as when we met the first day; Still fresh and current in my mind. AL 6022 in New York. Jean de la Verrière

  2. Laurie says:

    After a very long marriage, my husband and I split up and divorced. (He had no interest in therapy or growth.) So, along with your physical pain relief, can you set me up with an intelligent, educated, healthy, emotionally and financially stable, sexy attractive man a few years younger than I am? Most of the other dating services don’t screen men. Weill Cornell Love would be a great side business!!!
    ❤️ Laurie

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  4. Kimberly says:

    This information was enlightening! The cartoon about weight gain was funny.

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