Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving.

Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving comes around once a year, so now is the time to splurge, right?

Well….maybe not!

Gaining weight during the holiday season has become a national pastime. Year after year, most of us pack on at least a pound (some gain more) during the holidays — and keep the extra weight permanently.

But Thanksgiving does not have to sabotage your nutrition and fitness goals. With a little knowledge, you can still enjoy a guilt-free Thanksgiving feast.

Eat Breakfast

  • You might think it makes sense to save up calories for the big meal, but eating a small meal in the morning can give you more control over your appetite.
  • Start your day with a small but satisfying breakfast — so you won’t be starving when you arrive at the gathering.
  • “Eating a nutritious meal with protein and fiber before you arrive takes the edge off your appetite.”

Lighten Up

  • Whether you are hosting or enjoying a potluck, make your recipes healthier with less fat, sugar, and calories.
  • Some suggestions:
    • Use fat-free chicken broth to baste the turkey and make gravy.
    • Use sugar substitutes in place of sugar and/or fruit purees instead of oil in baked goods.
    • Reduce oil and butter wherever you can.

Police Your Portions

  • Before you fill your plate, survey the buffet table and decide what you’re going to choose.
  • Then select reasonable-sized portions of foods you cannot live without.
  • “Don’t waste your calories on foods that you can have all year long.”
  • Skip the Seconds.
    • Try to resist the temptation to go back for second helpings.
    • “Leftovers tend to be much better the next day, and if don’t overeat, you will have more room for a delectable dessert.”

Slowly Savor

  • Eat slowly. Put your fork down between bites. Taste each mouthful.
  • Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, broth-based soups, salads, and other foods with lots of water and fiber add to the feeling of fullness.
  • Spread out the food and fun all day long.

Go Easy on Alcohol

  • Don’t forget those alcohol calories that can add up quickly.
  • “Have a glass of water or clear soda between alcoholic drinks, this way you stay hydrated, limit alcohol calories, and stay sober.”


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